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  • Child photographer, Skye Hardwick, of Work of Heart Photography serves the Orange County and Los Angeles California areas; as well as Pittsburgh PA.
  • Wife & Mom by day, super slueth computer nerd (read: proofing) by night. Terribly addicted to banana bread and knitting. Loves pink. A lot.
  • All images are copyrighted by Skye Hardwick and are protected by Federal law. Do not use without photographer's explicit permission.

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Sara Elliott

Very nice site design! I like the new logo too.


Love it .. its awesome and so You.. or well how I image you if I ever got to meet you.. its classy and fresh.. and fun..

Jenn Stevens

I am redoing my website so I know how much time and effort and heart goes into it. Great job Skye!


I just love coming to your site and browsing around. You are such an inspiring soul.

shari henson

LOVE it! the colors are dramatic and i think it really suits your business!


love it...wonderful job!


Love it!!!!!


I just found you site and adore your work. I'm a new mom with a new camera...would love to take photos like yours some day!

Account Deleted

Love, Love, Love!!! Logo rocks socks!!


Have been lurking for some time now, and I just love your work. The way you shoot your photos you just rawk !!!

The Netherlands


Beautiful Skye! I love it!


Your new logo is downright spiffy. :)


your new website is absolutely awesome, love the new work you put on there! Your awesome!


absolutely gorgeous!


Skye! The new site is awesome. Love it.

Yada Guerrero

I've been a big fun of you for a while, Your work is awesome!! so UNIQUE as well as your new logo!

Stacy Schurman

Love your new site Skye!

Melanie Pittman

oh my love it, love it, love it! So happy for you!

brooke drellos

love the new site and logo, skye! It's so inspiring to watch how you've changed and progressed, yet still remain true to your style.....Merry Christmas!


Happy Holidays Skye to you and your family..

Casey Karbowski

Your website is awesome. Where did you get that background? It's fantastic!

Aleza Newman


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