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  • Child photographer, Skye Hardwick, of Work of Heart Photography serves the Orange County and Los Angeles California areas; as well as Pittsburgh PA.
  • Wife & Mom by day, super slueth computer nerd (read: proofing) by night. Terribly addicted to banana bread and knitting. Loves pink. A lot.
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Oh I love this!! Your work is beautiful and this is SO perfect!


Beautiful... I pray something similar to that on my way to every photo shoot (although not nearly as eloquent).

I love your work and find you very inspiring. Thank you!


Thank you for sharing that awesome prayer... I agree with Mindy you are very inspiring in more ways than one.


i love this so much!!! I pray before and after each session. Thank you so much for sharing this!

Jared Rey

Thank you so much for posting this prayer. It really meant more than you can imagine. I even put it on my own blog and added my own words to the prayer. I do not know if I have ever commented on your blog before, if not I am sorry! But I love your work and find it inspiring!


I absolutely love this prayer. I pray before every shoot and this just sums it all up. I think I am going to print the words and frame them and place them on my desk in office to remind me why I do what I do when I loose sight of the "bigger" plan.


oh skye...that's beautiful; i've never heard it before. thanks for sharing!

thank you for reminding me of what a God-given gift it is to be behind the lens 'drawing out belongings of their hearts' beautifully stated & true!

your willingness to share your faith here is so refreshing & uplifting & i just can't wait to meet you in monroe in march. :o)


that's beautiful...


Love that amazing prayer.
As I drive to a location for a session I always pray that I will be able to capture the beauty and unique qualities that God has used to create the child/family I will soon be meeting.
I will remember this wonderful prayer now too.
Thanks Skye for sharing these amazing words to strive for!


WOW. thank you for sharing this prayer. It brings tears my eyes and reminds me of why I am a photographer.

Tina Vega

This is beautiful!


this prayer is so beautiful and says it so perfectly- thanks!


Exactly what I want to say but don't have the words
Thank you for sharing.

Monica Martin

This has to be on a card in my pocket on every shoot! It's an awesome credo to keep deep in the heart and full on my face! Thanks for sharing!

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