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  • Child photographer, Skye Hardwick, of Work of Heart Photography serves the Orange County and Los Angeles California areas; as well as Pittsburgh PA.
  • Wife & Mom by day, super slueth computer nerd (read: proofing) by night. Terribly addicted to banana bread and knitting. Loves pink. A lot.
  • All images are copyrighted by Skye Hardwick and are protected by Federal law. Do not use without photographer's explicit permission.

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  • "You have no competition because there is only ONE of you on this earth. Embrace that fact and let it carry you in your art, your business, and your confidence!" -- Mike Colon, Photographer
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MEEEEE!! Pick mee please!! I love it...and I won't pretend it's for my daughter. I'd wear that in a heartbeat! ;)

Mollie Kendall

I'll b watching for sure. I really really Neeeeed one. Maybe I should say I want one? Can a person Neeeeed one? I'm thinking a photographer person can ;)


OH MY- I totally love it. I would love to have it so I am hoping you do a giveaway for it! I don't have any pettiskirts yet and have been itching to buy one...

Sara Schrock

Oh how fun!!! Love those polka dots! Good luck on your video!


ooh, me! me! pick me! i've been meaning to buy one of these for a while now. who knows...i may even take it off and let my daughters wear it! ;-P


Skye - I would LOVE a chance to win a petticoat! I'm a new photographer with no props and don't have the finances right now to get any. So, would cherish that petticoat! It is SOOOO cute!! Thanks for all you do, Kelly

Claire Hill

Matt stole the petti I had my eye on in Austin ~sadface!

Claire Hill

Matt stole the petti that I had my eye on in Austin...~sadface. Ok..he won it fair and square...but I still had claimed dibbs!

Shelley Rankin

OK, I love that poka dot petticoat. I need to get some of those! will check back to see how to enter! Wish I could attend your workshop Skye!

Natalie Knabe

pick me!! I am in love with that polka dot pettiskirt!! How do I enter this awesome giveaway??
Thanks Skye!

Gwendolyn Pellegrino

I'm one of those "moms with a camera" just starting out(in that portfolio building stage) and find great inspiration in your images, Skye ... hope to capture the beauty of children like you someday - I'm working on it! Would love the chance to win a pettiskirt and see the delight it brings to a real girly girl client! Thanks!

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