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  • Child photographer, Skye Hardwick, of Work of Heart Photography serves the Orange County and Los Angeles California areas; as well as Pittsburgh PA.
  • Wife & Mom by day, super slueth computer nerd (read: proofing) by night. Terribly addicted to banana bread and knitting. Loves pink. A lot.
  • All images are copyrighted by Skye Hardwick and are protected by Federal law. Do not use without photographer's explicit permission.

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  • "You have no competition because there is only ONE of you on this earth. Embrace that fact and let it carry you in your art, your business, and your confidence!" -- Mike Colon, Photographer
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Claire Hill

Me...Me....Pick me.... :)


Oh my goodness Skye, what do we have to do to win??? :)

elaine Brenner

Has this been won already? I'm thinking 14...

elaine brenner



Veronika Duty

16 is my guess!

Tanya W.

Ohhh I hope I'm right!! My guess is #20



Veronika Duty

My son picked 8!

Julie Fraser

Skye I'm thinking 19..

michelle m.

I say 11!

Lindsay Porth

I'll guess 2 for my baby girl!

Tracy Higgon

9... I pick lucky(?) number nine.

Tracy :)

Brooke Rainey

I say 3!


I say 3 is the winner!




Not sure if anyone has won yet, but I'll say 6!


I will say 6.


Awesome opportunity, Skye! I'll say 15.


Oooh - I'll pick 4.

Mollie Kendall

I'm guessing #1!!!

Mollie Kendall

I say #1!!

Mollie Kendall

Instinct tell me to pick #1!!

Veronika Duty


LaTricia Kelly

I'm thinking 5.

LaTricia Kelly

I'm thinking 5.

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